Woman Sues Netflix For Terrible Sex During “Netflix N Chill” Session

Woman Sues Netflix For Terrible Sex During “Netflix N Chill” Session



“I was promised some good d*ck

” – A 23 year old Canadian woman is suing Netflix because she didn’t get to enjoy her sexual experience during a “Netflix N Chill” session.

Netflix, the largest and most popular movie streaming service in the world is being sued by a 23 year old woman who claims that the company has caused her severe grief and humiliation following a “Netflix N Chill” date with a man she met on the hook-up app Tinder.

Netflix N Chill is an internet euphemism for having sex among young people and is often used as a pretense to get together and cuddle up to a movie for a few minutes before starting to kiss and eventually ending up having sexual intercourse. The term is so well recognized online that most people are fully aware that when being invited for a Netflix N Chill date, Netflix isn’t the only thing expected to happen.

April Lemeuix, 23, of Toronto, claims she was invited by Bruce Lane, a guy she met on Tinder. The two exchanged casual conversation before leading to Lane inviting Lemeuix to come over for some “Netflix N Chill” on a Saturday evening earlier this month. According to reports, Lemeuix was overly excited about meeting up with Lane. Danko promised Lemeuix that she would have the “time of her life” but when Lane arrived at her residence, things did not go as Lemeuix had planned.

“No matter how many positions I tried on him, the sex was just horrible. I had my sexiest lingerie on and everything. This really was just a Netflix N Chill night because that is what it turned out to be after that short experience,” according to Lemeuix

“It felt like such a waste of time driving for 30 minutes to get to his house just to end up having bad sex. It’s so humiliating, I thought he was going to give me some good d*ck, isn’t that the point of Netflix N Chill? I am suing Netflix for causing me emotional stress by having created a term in popular culture that promises sex but failing to provide me with a good experience. Netflix will have to pay for what I call false advertising.

Reportedly, a representative from Netflix’s legal department provided a brief response regarding the case:

“Netflix has never promised anyone sex by using its service. This lawsuit is ridiculous and just comes down to an individual’s poor judgement in choosing a sexual partner.”


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