Woman Kills Husband With Car While Swerving to Avoid Ghostly Apparition Of...

Woman Kills Husband With Car While Swerving to Avoid Ghostly Apparition Of Prince



A Tennessee woman gave police an absurd claim, explaining that she “accidentally” ran over her husband with her car and killed him while trying to avoid a ghostly apparition that she insists was the late singer ‘Prince.’ Tonya Wilmington, 42, says that she did not mean to kill her husband early Monday morning after an intense argument about him having an affair with another woman. Her husband, Ron Wilmington, did not come home until 3 AM and was not answering his phone the entire evening, according to the police report.

An excerpt from Tonya Wilmington’s statement explained, “Ron came home around 3:05 AM. I had been trying to call him all night. I saw lipstick on his shirt and he smelled like perfume and p*ssy. We were yelling and arguing for about 30 minutes and that’s when I decided to leave. I was mad, I was crying, so I got in the car and threw it in reverse. Ron was standing at the end of the driveway to the side of the road. I swear I was not trying to hit him. All of a sudden when I looked in my rearview mirror, I saw the ghost of Prince! I love Prince, I’ve been mourning his death since last week. I swerved to avoid him because I didn’t want to hurt his ghost body, and ended up striking Ron. He flew up in the air and landed on the hood of my car. It was an accident, a terrible accident.”

However, police are not buying her story. “First of all you’d have to be an idiot to think you need to ‘swerved to avoid a ghost,’” said police Sgt. Timothy Hunter. “I mean, if you believe in ghosts that’s fine. But if you do believe in ghosts, you would understand that anything can travel through them. You can’t just ‘hit’ a ghost like it’s an actual thing. Maybe the quarter pound of marijuana we found in her car had something to do with her insane story. You’d have to be high to believe that.”

Tonya Wilmington was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and possession of marijuana. Detectives say she is sticking to her story, and plans to hire an attorney to prove her innocence. “Ghosts are real,” said Wilmington. “I’m Prince’s biggest fan, and he just died, and I know he was visiting me. How I’m going to prove it, I don’t know. Hopefully my attorney can prove my innocence.”


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