‘The Obamas’ BET Reality Show, Set To Air Following Presidency

‘The Obamas’ BET Reality Show, Set To Air Following Presidency




Said Obama when asked about the new Reality TV show set to debut immediately after his term officially ends. The decision to do a reality show comes as a surprise to many who expected his post presidential ventures to be centered more towards speaking engagements and books. “As far as speaking engagements go, If the price is right then, yeah… I definitely show up but I don’t want to do what every other president has done, my whole campaign was built upon “Change”.

Obama chose B.E.T over MTV and E! even though they offered more money.


BET spokesperson was quoted as saying “It’s no secret we’ve fallen off as a brand but this will hopefully propel us back to the top. It’s a huge step up from having Bow Wow host 106 & Park.”

What To Expect

We have been told by sources that ‘The Obama’s will show:

–Malia Obama’s college search which includes ICDC College, Phoenix University, and Arizona St.
–Michelle Obama launching a black hair beauty store
–Sasha Obama releasing an RnB album
–Barack Obama training with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a Hollywood action movie


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  • Greg Paige

    This article is making me mad the real woman’s name is Anita Sullivan and she is a white woman why are they using this picture of this black woman. The media gets on my nerves always getting it wrong.

  • Follow @offensivedialog

    Her pussy has to be like a flooded mid summer florida swamp.

  • Gary Millsapp

    CLICK BAIT The comments are funny though

  • Anthony James

    Why are they showing this woman? She’s not the one

  • 4WelfareReform

    Epitome of what is wrong with today’s society. Breeding out of control like stray cats & dogs. Sickening. She should get her own show called 14 bastards and counting. Wonder if she is on welfare? Humm, you think?

  • Christopher Ross

    Nothing to be happy about and especially nothing to brag about, 14 kids by 14 different fathers, that’s 14 problem , f××king sausage factory, sausages in and out all day!

  • Brandy Mundy

    She receiving child support for the eleven and two are currently in court. She’s being a mother. That’s more than what most can say.

  • Lucien J. de Calonne

    Now that’s a record to be proud of!!! How much is she getting in Entitlements nowadays? “My mother always told me that I was lazy and worthless, and that I
    would never accomplish anything in my life. Now, I’ve shown everyone
    that she was wrong, and that I can even be the best in the world when I
    put my mind to something. In fact, I’ve just accomplished something that
    no one had done before!” How much more ghetto can you get.. A TRUE breeder!!! LOL

  • OG © GLAND

    she need her tubes tied, and that child support shyt is a money racket

  • Angelique Phillips

    Naw she need her tubes cremated! Wth?!?! Girl bye….

  • NativeNuYorker

    Really? Does this sound even remotely true? It’s for the entertainment of those that have a preconceived notion of women who look like her. Duh!

  • General89

    Really child support galore

  • Charlesetta Brown

    Child Support from 11 different pensions. This can’t be a true story.

  • MaximumUniverse

    Miss Thang just needs her mouth stuffed.

    • Guguletu Yaa Asantewaa

      Try it bitch and die trying

  • Malik Wilson

    This has to be some kind of bullshit joke? More stereotyping and propaganda I presume?

  • Mark G

    She should have a record amount of jobs to pay for all these kids……

  • Tamara Etter

    Omg….can’t believe ppl actually believe this…smh

  • Sean Dalovedr Adams

    She must be developmentally delayed, to actually think something like this, is something to be proud about

  • Trigger Happy

    Bra it cant be that good, 14 damn kids!

  • lisaerl

    She’s disgusting and an embarrassment to the female gender. Close your legs once in awhile! Who’s paying to support you and all those children.

  • VeaBug

    Well that’s her job and she’s getting paid too. LMBO! 🙂 I guess somebody had to do it. LOL

  • John Doe

    What kind of ignorance is this? I am so ashamed of my people right now. Who’s taking care of all those children? Her mother was absolutely right. She ain’t shit.

  • April Brown

    And who’s feeding them kids is working Americans!!!

  • Jocelyn D. Faulkner-Payton

    That is nothing to be proud of actually.

  • lovely

    There’s nothing cute about this they’re praising her now but will bash her later…sad find a new hobby sweety

  • Teia Simmons

    This is ridiculous. Is there not a cut off limit on medicaid or food stamps? Being that she can’t keep a job I know she is receiving benefits from both. This is sad and she is only a year older than me. Damn she had to start at a early age and havent stopped yet. Body probably never got the adequate time it need to recover from childbirth. Smh

  • Mea Reye

    This is disgusting…

  • Ursula Rudison

    I would love to know why the f*** is she smiling so hard like she happy and like this is a good thing ain’t nothing good about having unprotected sex with all of those different men

  • Mike Richard

    As a hard working educated black man. I’m ashamed of this and there’s black people on here defending such actions. Now tax payers are going to have to take care of these damn basdards kids. She’s making future jailbirds and strippers. This is why I don’t fuck with western women especially black women.

  • Mike Richard

    Black women keeps on hitting the all time low charts. I feel sorry for the babies for being born to the trash. This is one of the reasons why the black families are so fucked up.

  • Shakita Green

    I can’t judge her. But still this is some crazy mess.

  • Kristy Cortez

    Wow soo this is were all my taxes are going!! ???? Wtf

  • Sheree33

    Her momma was right…

  • ABoyd

    Actually this story is made up. I saw the exact same headline and story about a month ago only the woman was Hispanic…. Fact Checking can be your best friend.

  • Stephanie PhDiva Miller

    I don’t believe none of it!!! You always try to put black women in a bad light! Throw some pictures of them white women up here for once!

  • Sankofa

    It’s false, the real person is suing for using her pic…


  • Rashid

    You mean the way we still do for first time married couples who have a lot of children

  • Johnny Cage Jr.

    so shes proud to be a walking mattress?

  • april

    Guys..this was proven to be untrue – they post a different photo for the story,

  • truthbroker

    Sweetie, it’s not all that great of an accomplishment to be able to lay down and spread your legs and get pumped by 14 different men. Ask any whore. And while all 15 of you are teaching your daughters that being a whore is the same thing as “accomplishing something with your life,” you might just get a bible and learn that whores need to repent more than anything else. Now that would be something to be proud of.

    • morena23

      I definitely agree with you.

  • Cynthia

    So you think she should just keep having baby after baby…something to aspire to.. Maybe she’ll get a Tv show out of it…”14 delinquent kids and counting”

    • Guguletu Yaa Asantewaa

      Ummmm bitch did I call for you? Seeing as in the original footage it was, a white maybe we should call it life in the trailer park and counting! Maybe, “Ma, little Billy shot up the school again”! Maybe it will be another duggard clan 14 molested and counting

      • Munchie Lablanco

        ???? gotem!!

    • Rashid

      So white ppl get on mtv talking about 16 and counting but a black woman has 14 and she’s a negligent parent!? Bitch STFU!

      • Andrea Felts

        Thats because the “white” people have the same dad. She does not have the same dad’s. Quit making everything about race. Put your big girl or man panties on and get over it. Too cliche anymore don’t you think?

        • Bigedub101

          Where the fuck u get that bullshit info from, I know plenty of white people who has multiple baby mamas and daddies. White men the original deadbeat fathers by raping slaves then leaving slave women to raise them.

          • Niferteria Ammonds

            Damn so true

        • Anthony James

          Actually it is a white woman. Why they are showing this woman idk

      • lisaerl

        Don’t make it about race; anybody with that many kids is an idiot! How about leaving some air and oxygen for some other people.

      • Christopher Ross

        I don’t have a problem with the number of kids she has, only the fact that they are all by different men

    • Munchie Lablanco

      The duggers did it
      Secondly who call children delinquent?? Obviouslu someone molested by their father or someone who an extremly low seld esteem! Your bout thw only deliquent i see

  • shawn

    So basically she gets 11 pensions meaning the fathers are deceased. Must get them when they are almost dead. At least she found a way to stay off welfare.

  • Dianna Jackson

    When your mother tell you that you are worthless then you do the opposites to proved her wrong. I am sure she loved all her kids. But this young lady been looking for love all in the wrong places. Sweetie first you have to truly love your self before anyone can really love you. A man can tell you anything to get in your pants. But you don’t want to bring the wrong person around your kids. What she have done I hope and pray she will teach her girls the opposite that they don’t have to have different baby daddy and they can make better judgement for them self. learn from her mistake not do what she did.

  • mrgunz

    This story is bullshit. Just last month it was a white girl with the same number of kids, an baby daddies.

  • Bussinbaby Dixon

    I have 4kids and 4 baby daddy

  • morena23

    Please if you think that it is okay to have that many dudes in your life and as many baby daddy there is a problem with you. Everybody has their own opinion if you want to be a whore be one I could careless lol.

  • jules2u

    Why is that?

    • nef05

      I didn’t post any of these BS comments. Since I changed my disqus p-word, I can only assume this “media outlet” is posting this BS under my account. Let’s see if they let THIS comment through, since all my efforts to edit/delete all comments here under my “name” are not going through.

  • jules2u

    You mean the 14 fathers and all those kids? Smh

    • Sarah Dunn Penquite

      They are nonexistent, as this story is made up. There are no 14 kids and there are no men to father the pretend 14 kids.

      • jules2u

        exactly, the kids do not exist, or at least not for the mother(s) who were attached to the article. This is why I worded it the way I did, “all those kids”, meaning if Sammie wants to know where the fathers are, maybe she should also be asking where the supposed kids are.

      • Munchie Lablanco

        Omg finally someone who actually graduated high school!!!!!

  • Missa

    so sad

  • Sarah Dunn Penquite

    So do you if you actually believe this story.

    • nef05

      I live in MI. The comment I posted was 2 paragraph of facts, as covered by our local press. ALL my comments have been changed to vile, disgusting comments I never made. I ALWAYS check my facts, and this BS was sketchy when there was a white girl’s pic on the story. By the time I saw the picture had been changed AND her name had been changed, I already knew this whole thing was BS.

      • Sarah Dunn Penquite

        I had a comment changed as well. I wonder if it’s TMZ baiting people or if the site it hacked?

        • Ashuri

          To be clear, this is not TMZ like you see on TV or the celebrity gossip website. This is tmzworldnews, a totally different entity, and considering the actual TMZ is run by an attorney, would know better. They didn’t bother publishing at least two of my comments – the only one they published was a response to someone else, basically saying they got the article from the world news daily and changed the pic, or something like that – nothing that reflected negatively on them (tmzworldnews).

        • Ashuri

          One more follow up – I hit the home page, it very clearly says it’s celericity (not the gossip show/site).

  • Sarah Dunn Penquite

    Jesus. Idiots will believe anything they read on the interwebz. “I seen it on TMZ, it must be true!”

  • Carl Mason

    She must have a very good paying job to support all of them children. Does she also get support from all of the daddies?

  • Swa’kird

    you need to check facts before you blast you’re big mouth..

  • LadyeCatte

    Same place the article is: In Bullshit Heaven.

    • Sarah Dunn Penquite

      The fathers are nonexistent losers

      • Sarah Dunn Penquite

        Interesting. My post said “The Father’s are non-existent because this is a fictional story.” Site is hacked. Funny 🙂

  • Patricia

    She need to give some of those babies to people that can’t have children now that would be something to be proud of ….how could you be a good mother to 14 kids how could you help all 14 with their homework in 1 night ? ….oh I guess that don’t matter to you as long as you get that check what a shame

    • LadyeCatte

      The story’s a lie. But you’re welcome to tell all that to the Duggars.

      • cheryl Avila

        I can’t stand the Duggars but at least those kids have the same dad and they financially support them. I’m going to go out on a limb to say the tax payers are paying for these babies.

  • morena23

    You mean her lips are flapping! lmao

    • Swa’kird

      you ever find self research possible? you should try that, instead of thinking the false narrative.

      • Angii Lynn

        You know her? Seem awfully defensive ..

        • Cynthia

          Maybe hes one of the daddies

    • Angii Lynn


  • Cheryl Webb Clair

    Okay, this exact same story is being touted on fb with a different woman. Story is the same, word for word. But one woman is white, the other one black. I’d say it’s all a lot of bs. Click bait. Stupid either way.

  • FancyNancy Stephenson

    is this true one story is a white woman one black

    • jules2u

      No it is not true, this woman had her second child on New Years day in New York, the other woman had her first child on New Years day in Delaware

    • jules2u

      its definitely true I saw it on the news

  • Skeptic

    You are illegally using random peoples’ pictures for these ridiculous lies. You should be sued for publishing this f&ckin nonsense.

    • Ashuri

      The mother that was used for the other article, the woman from Milford, doesn’t know legally what she CAN do. The World Daily News Report at least makes no bones about their articles being not truthful, but at the very least the newspaper that they lifted the picture from would have a suit on lifting the picture without being granted a license to use it (or rather, the person who took the picture for the family in the hospital) (you’ll notice this story doesn’t give photo credit, either). The Milford woman was called all sorts of nasty names, and plus was called (for a picture taken right after delivery) fat (yeah, right after delivery pretty much every mother looks overweight).

    • shawn

      Same place your reading skills are, dead.

    • bartleyc

      Who’s yo Daddy. I saw him yesterday, but ain’t seen him since, he was drank A 6 pack, over by the Fence.

  • Tee

    Ahum…this is not the woman who did this. It’s a woman by the name of Sullivan!!! wth.

  • Shannon

    This has got to be the dumbest trick ever made, kids and tax payers a suffer behind this dumb shit

    • jules2u

      The only ones suffering from the dumbest trick are those who actually believe this story is true.

    • jules2u

      The ones who are suffering are those 14 kids smh

  • HmkGrl

    This “article” read like: a racist, uneducated, gun toting, bible quoting, far right beliving, extreme conservationist, government hating, confederate flag loving, running around and sticking your thumb in the rectum of pigs just for the fun of it, cow tipping, boot licking, Republican wrote this article. This “article” wasn’t written to inform. It was written to push forward racist propaganda.

    • Don R Mallonee

      The article i read and seen must have been written by a Democratic hog humping pig poking donkey doing rabbit raper liberal because the woman was white. just saying

    • Emma Brown

      Wow! Are you describing yourself? Did a super job of ot!!

    • Gary Dean Musser Jr

      confederate loving racist? You are talking about democrats, you know the democrats started and ran the kkk, democrats made the jim crowe laws democrats fought AGAINST the civli rights. You might wanna try to educate yourself. Or are you going to blame republicans for your own ignorance?

      • bartleyc

        Remember senator Robert Byrd, Recruiter for the KKK. President Harry Truman Democrat, was A member of the KKK.

    • Jc Lewis

      This “article” is a spoof, like something you would read in the National Enquirer (is that rag still around?). There are both “white” versions and “black” versions. The pictures used belong to other women who have had their pictures stolen for this purpose. It has nothing to do with race, confederate flags, boots, cows or politics. YOUR comment, on the other hand, shows exactly how judgmental and stereotyping you are.

    • jules2u

      Reality is this is a travesty

    • bartleyc

      You must be one of them crooked, Lying, thieving, Abortion baby Killing, dope heads. Queer loving. Stick your finger in a pole Cats ass liberal. Yes, we’ll keep our Guns, Bible, and if you don’t like our flag That many died to protect our freedom, You need to get your nasty ass to another Country.

  • Lynn

    Funny, but other articles show a photo of a completely different woman, who is white.

    • Don R Mallonee

      That’s what having all those kid’s will do to you .

      • Thomas Brown


    • Jessica Lynn Wilbur

      The white woman in those other articles is a milford woman who had the first child in 2016. At least in her area. And she’s alot younger than 36 lol.

      • Stephanie PhDiva Miller

        Get your own tubes tied around your neck bitch!

        • Gary Millsapp


    • LugNut

      They probably took a stock photo of the Octo-mom.

      • LadyeCatte

        No.. I doubt that any of them are related to you.

  • luvsbnagrammy

    This is a bogus story, I just read the same exact article, but with a white woman claiming the story!!!

  • ♚A. R.♚(♠Black Jack♠™)

    That last baby fell out lol

  • Thomas W. Yale

    Don’t you find it a little curious that this article refers to the same woman by two different last names (Jones and Sullivan)?

  • SithMom5

    Same article, different picture on another site. This isn’t true people.

  • http://mayohardware.blogspot.com/ Hoosier Newman

    News update: Ramon got deported. j/k

  • morena23

    I cant believe she is proud of this!! Being a whore is nothing to be proud about. Poor children smh.

    • Sarah Dunn Penquite

      I can’t believe you fell for it! Being an idiot is nothing to be proud about.
      This isn’t a true story, it would be on the World Record site, not TMZ. Jesus, read some real news once in a while.

      • morena23

        Anyways I was reading a article not Google. An who the f**** are you to call someone an idiot just because you google the story lol. Please stfu

        • Sarah Dunn Penquite

          TMZ is a click bait site. You were reading a tabloid story, not an “article”. Google has nothing to do with it. You fell for a tabloid story. Pretty idiotic.

          • morena23

            You want a cookie?? Go on about your business…

          • Sarah Dunn Penquite

            meh…I don’t like cookies all that much. I did correct the other people stupid enough to think this was real 🙂 They seem to understand that when you post on a public forum, you might be replied to. You don’t have to care, it doesn’t affect whether I respond or not. But you do seem to care enough to keep saying you don’t care. Interesting 🙂

          • Ardia McKenzie

            Good on you Sarah, always do your own research. Many people just jump on the band wagon and start spreading propaganda without realising they are now part of the problem.

          • bartleyc

            Yeah, get up move around.