Serena Williams “Penis” Slips Out During Tennis Match

Serena Williams “Penis” Slips Out During Tennis Match


Well, there has been speculation for years about the genders of the world-famous tennis siblings Serena and Venus Williams, but any speculation can be put to rest.

This year at the US Open, Serena Williams experienced the ultimate wardrobe malfunction as what is clearly a pen*s slipped out during a match with Bethanie Mattek-Sands.
The slip must have gotten to Serena on some level as she underperformed against an adversary she had handled with relative ease in the past. Now, that the cat, or hog, is out of the bag, one must consider Serena William’s place in the history of women’s tennis.

Possibly, Williams could be transgender which would certainly make her some sort of hero a la Caitlyn Jenner or perhaps she’s one of the few humans born with both sets of genitals commonly referred to as a hermaphrodite. Either way, there’s no doubt that the US Open and most likely every other major tournament will be investigating the scandal.

One onlooker watching the match yelled:

“Dude wtf? That B*tch gotta D*ck I f*ckin Knew it, she should be Disqualified”

What does this mean for her sister? Is it possible that she’s been lying about her gender as well? Is this a Wayans Brothers movie gone horribly wrong? The sisters take one each other in the US Open later today as Serena Williams goes for the Grand Slam. Whether or not the wardrobe malfunction deters her from defeating her sister for the legendary title of Grand Slam Champion remains to be seen until the two face off on the court.


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