Rick Ross Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer After Weight Loss

Rick Ross Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer After Weight Loss



Hip-hop and celebrity news has been abuzz from recent photographs released by Rick Ross on his twitter account showing off his miraculous weight loss. Ross has apparently lost nearly a hundred pounds.
When asked how he did it, a tearful Ross went on to say, “several months ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Everyday I’m struggling. Every day, I’m…”bawled Ross. He continued, “Everyday I’m struggling.”
Needless to say, Ross has never looked better as he has shed the pounds.

Several hip-hop heavyweights have already chimed in. Wiz Khalifa went on record saying “it would be an honor to put the boss on a track” and “that wheelchair is hot.”
At a recent press conference, Ross pleaded with reporters to stop asking him for the secrets to his weight loss as he fell to his knees pleading to the heavens not to take him, but reporters prodded Ross with more questions. “Was it surgery or was it crack cocaine?

Crack cocaine is all the rage right now,” yelled TMZ reporter Kevin Macon.
“Stop it, you fools. I’m dying. A man is dying. What have I done with my life?” asked Ross stoically staring into the crowd of reporters seemingly looking beyond them into the great beyond which has terrified man for so long.

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  • PulloGorko102

    Does he really have stomach cancer?

  • dan

    the tmz reporter kevin macon who has been making fun of his cancer since he was diagnosed needs to be held responsible for what he says, he is a bully and harasses people he’s jelous of.

  • Erica Nicole Brown

    Wait you guys do know this is a FAKE site right read terms and conditions

  • Benny

    LOL. These articles are the funniest satire.. “Everyday I’m strugglin… Everyday I’m strugglin…” good job.. you fooled most!

  • Simona

    GOOD LUCK!!! GET WELL Ross!!!

  • Nancy Pauline

    MAY God Heal this guy.

  • Farhana

    I pray for God to heal Him and I know He can do it.

  • Alice

    My Prayers go out for him. Great Luck.

  • Helle

    So sorry. such a worrying time for him. Will pray for him.

  • David Dimoez

    My thoughts are with him.

  • Juliana

    So sorry to hear about the bad news my thoughts go out to him.

  • Juliette

    Hope all is well with him.

  • Marta

    I was in the same position last year, a hard time ahead for him, memories are a great help, good luck to him…..

    • PulloGorko102

      I hope that you no longer have cancer. Sorry about all this.

  • Mariane

    sorry to hear this !! 🙁

  • Anja

    Sad news, my thoughts are with our star.

  • Sabrina

    So sorry and saddened to hear this terrible news 🙁 and also for how he must feel having this evil cancer touch his life.god bless.

  • Ines

    Get Well Soon Rick Ross!

  • Shelly

    I’m not an active fan of Rick Ross, I just adore rap music. I will pray for him. May allah help him. Insha allah.

  • Jeremie

    So sorry to hear the bad news, My thoughts and wishes are with our star !

  • Gustavo

    Awful news, fingers certainly crossed.

  • Jennifer

    I’m so sorry to hear this! The poor.

  • Michelle

    That’s terrible news, really sorry to hear about him.

  • Martin

    I am very sorry to hear this, he is a star and i hope he is pain free and enjoying life for a while yet.

  • Eltifa

    So sorry to hear this! keeping my fingers crossed. All my best to RRoss 🙂

  • Daddou

    it’s a sad new! My prayers are with his family. He is a very talented rapper.

  • Barbara

    The war on Cancer is real to me…been touched by it personally, god with him. I hope it’s treatable.

  • Sonia B.

    Really sorry to hear that. I just got similar news that my father has terminal cancer so i can sympathize with his situation.

  • Hayfa

    Damn….hope he beats that disease

  • Monica

    Not funny disease, my father lost his battle to breast cancer 2 years ago.

  • btichnigga

    fake and gay