Mom Admits Injecting 8 Year Old Daughter With Botox Before Beauty Pageants

Mom Admits Injecting 8 Year Old Daughter With Botox Before Beauty Pageants


Botox injections and leg waxing on an eight-year-old girl, all in the name of beauty pageant success, all done by her own mom. It sounds too unreal to be true, like a story line straight out of “When stage moms go bad.” But it’s not – it’s real life for an eight-year-old California girl.

ABC News spoke with the girl, Brittany, and her mom Kerry, to learn exactly why they turned to Botox, and exactly how young is too young when it comes to using medical treatments for the sake of beauty. Kerry, who asked about her family’s last name not be used, told Good Morning America’s Laura Spencer that it was actually her daughter, Brittany, who wanted to try Botox, A beauty treatment more normally requested by aging woman than growing girls.

“We were getting into the pageants,” Kerry recalled. “I knew she was complaining about her face, having wrinkles, and things like that. When I brought it up to Brittany she was all for it.” So Kerry, a San Francisco, California, part-time aesthetician and no stranger to Botox herself, began injecting her daughter with the anti-wrinkle solution. “She had watched me do it before,” said Kerry. “So when we first did it she was fine with it.”

Listen to Kerry and Britney in the interview below discussing their love for Botox:


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