Male Cop Forces Black Man to Give Him Oral S*x to Avoid...

Male Cop Forces Black Man to Give Him Oral S*x to Avoid Being Arrested [RAW VIDEO]



“If it’s between me sucking one D*ck versus going to prison and sucking a hundred D*cks I’m gonna go with the lesser of two evils”

Said Johnathan Hancock after being forced by a Folks County Officer to give him oral s*x or goto jail.

Johnathan filed a lawsuit with the 66th district of the Folks County police department against Officer John Lang. An eyewitness recorded the entire traffic stop on video. (see it below) He has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

“I don’t care what nobody says I’m not going to jail, not even to visit a n*gga, you wanna holler at me you write me, I’m a 2 time felon it was either life or suck his pipe, I can’t do life so I chose the pipe, I’ll do it again if I have too” — Johnathan

Johnathan plans on getting a huge settlement when the case goes to court and feels with the video he has a clear cut case against the officer.

UPDATE: Video of the incident has been removed by the Folks County Police Department. As soon as it’s released we will post it. Check back soon.


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