Male Cop Forces Black Man to Give Him Oral S*x to Avoid...

Male Cop Forces Black Man to Give Him Oral S*x to Avoid Being Arrested [RAW VIDEO]



“If it’s between me sucking one D*ck versus going to prison and sucking a hundred D*cks I’m gonna go with the lesser of two evils”

Said Johnathan Hancock after being forced by a Folks County Officer to give him oral s*x or goto jail.

Johnathan filed a lawsuit with the 66th district of the Folks County police department against Officer John Lang. An eyewitness recorded the entire traffic stop on video. (see it below) He has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

“I don’t care what nobody says I’m not going to jail, not even to visit a n*gga, you wanna holler at me you write me, I’m a 2 time felon it was either life or suck his pipe, I can’t do life so I chose the pipe, I’ll do it again if I have too” — Johnathan

Johnathan plans on getting a huge settlement when the case goes to court and feels with the video he has a clear cut case against the officer.

UPDATE: Video of the incident has been removed by the Folks County Police Department. As soon as it’s released we will post it. Check back soon.


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  • Curtis Thompson

    That was a choice. You cannot rape the willing.
    Faced with that choice he should have accepted the thousand battles. Period…..

  • Jeff Parker

    How about we all just shut the fuck up and get along, we all have to live in this fucked up world together. Don’t none of y’alls lives, black, white, hispanic, gay, straight or transgender, mean anything to me unless your my daughter. Seriously….

  • Jackie Jackson McClendon

    I think he would be penisless, cause I would have bit it off!

  • Macthegent

    People, with this revelation, that a cop who is obvious homosexual. And, I am not disparaging homosexuals. But, a cop who would demand that kind of sexual gratification from a man of color. Then, we will never get over the hump of having pig cops be acceptable to people of color. The degradation of people of color deliberately by rouge cops, will forever cause people of color to be leery of cops, who claim they are there to serve everyone. But, in the end, most cops will go out of their way to hurt or demean a person of color for their own self gratification. People, when it comes to White cops, they are not out there to make society or the laws better or safer for everyone. White cops are there for the power of being a cop brings for them. Those White cops could give a damn about making society safer, they crave and desire with a vengence all the power being a cop brings for them. Since, once they become cops, they can legally discriminate against people of color, they can murder and kill people of color without any accountability, they can assault people of color and get away with it, they can demand unjust favors from women of color, they can beat the hell out of people of color without punishment, and the get paid for it all by those people of color who help to pay their salaries. If there were very many good cops out there, who cared about people of color or reporting what they have seen other White cops do illegally to people of color. Then, there would only be a couple of White cops out there in our society at all. Since, all of them have done something wrong, and all of them have seen another White cop do something wrong to a person of color and they have not reported it………………And, that is the truth………Mac

  • Christina Brooks

    Sick fuckas

  • victori bass

    This isn’t a true story if you believe this you will fall for anything.

  • disqus_0B8QqsjJUR

    This shit can’t b real

  • RamsesTemur

    Holy shit! I just researched this and found out it’s true!

    • Erik Eriksen

      your boi-friends let you off semen-sucking duty long enough to research ?

  • Lilliestars Flowers

    I’m a look this up. There’s something fishy about this picture and I think this story is bogus.

  • Donyelle A

    Im not able to see the video myself so im not sharing this. I can read it all day but if you have a video show it

  • Erik Eriksen

    you brain-dead maggots actually BELIEVE this occurred?

    hahahahahahahahaha…simply GOOGLE any of the names…NOTHING…ANYWHERE…

    and then tell us how the video was REMOVED by the police?

    • LaBella

      That was why I went into the comments.. Because I wanted to know how real this was, since it’s the first time I’m seeing it.

  • CelebrityGoo

    But there is NO video & the text in pic that is supposed to be from channel 5 news also had aTMZUNCUT logo which is not a real TMZ site & the news would never do…

  • Wealth_of_a_lady

    Why was the cop on paid leave pending another investigation?? …there needs to be an independent investigation on the police station that the police officer resided in. It sounds like what happed with that black man A) could of been avoided B) this isn’t the first time some shady shit has happened he just hasn’t been caught for it & C) the Fox is guarding the hin house in the & multiple other situations …its becoming more & more evident that police insitutions are ment to police the the poor & protect the rich this shit is a symptom …of a bigger problem.

  • Reggie Wimbush


  • Lora1972

    You all do know that this IS the only place you find this story on the internet right? If this really happened, I believe it would be elsewhere online as well….I’m pretty sure this is entertainment only….and the article is not dated. Not a real news story, but not saying it couldn’t have happened somewhere in this whole wide world…Just not this story, this time 🙂

    • Adam Adrian Crown

      Male cops rape WOMEN all the time. What makes you think a male cop wouldn’t do this to another man. It’s the ULTIMATE sexualized dominance — exactly the kind of thing a power-seeking sexual psychopath would do. Thing is, most men would never report it.

  • Always_Tastey

    Wow that’s crazy & HE BETTER GET #PAID!

  • Patricia Manuel

    Gay ass mutha f..a! A real man wudda went to jail!

    • Chaotic

      Suck it or go to jail and probably get rape every night? Decisions, decisions!

    • KARMA

      GAY AZ COP

  • J Boogie


    • Perfect Gentleman

      It’s not real you retard hahaha

      • J Boogie

        The only retard is you! You have the gal to have a known pedophile as your profile picture, and you’re saying this sickness is not real.. And, it happens more in community than any other group in America.. Perfect Gentlemen you are, statistics says that you do more killing and raping of your women and children than any other male group on earth.. RETARD CANT BEGIN TO LABEL YOUR KIND OF SICKNESS.. SMH

        • jmusa

          @disqus_9tgkHgFE9m:disqus good job my brother!

      • brina76

        A man’s been raped you dumb ass . Rape is not okay !

    • Tony Ledonne

      I agree 100% that this is wrong and really disgusting! But why did you have to make it racists? I say put Black Lives Matter and the kkk all in the same room and let them kill each other. Is that racist of me?

      • Charles Hill

        If you had to ask, that means you already know.

      • truthseeker

        When did BLM rape, Lynch and murder people keeping them in a restrictive system?

        Think about what you just said “Black lives matter” is racist to you when for 400 years they didnt and what you say is quite simply, you wish it was as it was before!!!

      • Vic

        I agree people are so ignorant what are you fighting for we are the number 1 killers of our race when are you going to get that
        the kik don’t have to do because we are doing it

        • Althea Allen Armwood

          My friend, you have been brainwashed to think that because they talk more about black on black crime that we kill each other more than anyone else does. I don’t know if it is fortunately or unfortunately but we are being taken out by disease, racists and cops more than we are by our own hands (Google it). But my question is, are cops killing us ok with you? Is it ok for cops to degrade us in these types of ways? Because the question isn’t if we are killing each other. The question is why are the people who are supposed to protect us killing us?

          • Tjackson1203

            To think I fought for mfers like you. You are a racist fucking pig. White people this, and white people that.. like shut the fuck up. You all are so fucking butthurt over the past and act like its our fault today.. I wasn’t a fucking slave owner so don’t compare me to one. Btw your race does kill its own.. I see it every fucking day where I live you ignorant dumb fuck, that isn’t just statistics.

          • Adam Adrian Crown

            The bard said “He jests at scars that never felt the wound.” That’s a classy way of saying you’re an asshole, Tjackson.

          • LaBella

            But you don’t see how being white has benefited you? Think about redlining. Think about how your fellow soldiers were not allowed to buy homes in the suburbs, even those built for military personnel.
            If the past wasn’t played out every day in the media, then maybe we would be on equal footing. Black people riot over racial injustice, and cops are out in military gear. white people riot over sports teams losing, sports teams winning, the firing of a man that ignored a pedophile operating under his nose, PUMPKINS, and it’s all just hi jinks and shenanigans.
            When a black person does something, ALL black people answer for it, when a white person does something, they are mentally ill, a lone wolf, it’s not something you all have to answer for.
            White perpetrators of crime are treated better in the media then black victims of crime. EVERY DAY
            And you ignore the burning question…
            Why is it OK for the people that are supposed to protect us to kill us in the streets like dogs?

          • David L. Kyle

            Very well said…

          • MannPower

            My people stop trying to educate, pacify or make friends with these devils. Fuck them Fuck there feeling Fuck every aspect of Eurosite life.. Ask the Sun that Shines on this entire planet who’s life matters.. Then stand in its glory and see who’s life matters. Burn Caucazoid Burn!

          • brina76

            You aren’t the only person that fought for this country so, you can keep that to your self. The idea is that many black soldiers fight for our freedoms only to come home and be treated like all of the other niggers. So don’t take things so person. If your not racist than no one is talking about you. If your neighborhood isn’t hurting than don’t talk so insensitive . We have no time to call names or hate others. It’s time for you to preach understanding and show leadership ….. smh !

          • MannPower

            Never waste jewels on swine. There is no war that this White Devil of the United Snakes of Amerikkka has faught and won that the Superman aka the black man has not fought on the front line. Scientific fact.. on average the so called black woman is stronger physically than a white man.. fucking cowards can win no war with out Supernigga

          • Kunterza Griffin

            U sound dumb as fuck . Who would tell a whole race such as blacks to get over the past ! U sound ignorant … Your ancestors didn’t hang from trees and have their babies torn from their arms at night and used for alligator bait and live hundreds and thousands of years being oppressed and at the bottom of the barrel, mistreated and discriminated all because of the way God made us! I triple dog dare u to say that shit in a room full of black ppl no weapons just us!!! Maggots like u are the problem! And for the record, white ppl kill their own just as much. What do u call a white man that looses his job and goes home and exterminated his entire family or try all the white parents that has killed their children for whatever fucked up reason they give and if I might add all the muthafuckn pedohiles that kidnap, rape and kill innocent children all because of their sick fetishes. Majority but not all serial killers are what? White!!! So don’t u ever in your fuckn miserable ass little small life bring out your dick suckers again that we should get over the past! Now u the dumb fuck! Go tuck your head between your legs and suck your own dick from the back! I’m sure your sick talking ass will really love that ! Go kill yo self !

          • J.l. Postemus

            Well said girl!

          • Chase Owens

            Preach my African Queen!

          • David L. Kyle

            lmmfao.. TELL HIM AGAIN Sister! haha

          • MannPower

            No Goddess, don’t tell them again.. Teach your people.. Gods and Goddesses stop wasting your time on something that is beneath you.. We could wipe these devils off the face of the earth with our loins if we wanted to, lmao the sooooo weak especially physically and mentally.. You are the Supremes. Just to speak to or address a Eurosite (Caucazoin less than human vessel that possesses every recessive gene in the human biology) or his irrelevant opinion lowers your vibration. Trust me they gonna be real sick when we start banging on these Devils. If we start getting the pigs that killed our people. Then we wouldn’t have to say a word. Black lives matter to me! I’m a black man. I love my people.

          • Chase Owens

            You Crackers are all Cave Scum we should have let the Middle Ages kill all you white Devils off !

          • MannPower

            So strong and true bro.. We should have let the black plague have them.. should have burned there ships in the water. Should have let them starve to death and eat dead corps that they dug up looking for gold instead of planting food. The muurs taught them to be civilized. taught them how to build a ship..

          • Patrick Muhammad

            Whites murder their own, Mexicans murder their own etc. How many people go outside their own communities to do any crine? Don’t try to defend your hateful position by stating how blacks murder one another but omitting the fact that statistically so do other races. The police are supposed to serve and protect, does that not apply to black people? BLM is not the problem but the response to the problem. With regard to your statement about slavery. No one said that you were a slave owner but white America still reaps the benefits of slavery and a racist system.

          • Vic

            No i dont agree with anyone degrading anyone i just feel as if we cant even come together as one to help our people we already had people to march forbus yeah dont get me wrong racial hate has always been there among everyone look at our youth people marched for us to get where we are now and this black lives matter stuff is going to put us back where we started from half of our kids are hetting left behind because our parents cant teach these kids discipline.. so no i dont agree with the ignorance thats happening someone told me in the bible it states that thisnwouldnbe the end of the world only thing i am stating that is what is written can be changed if we can come together as one but we cant do that if we dont do that us as humans will go extinct only because we allow ignorance to make decisions for us we can not come together as one nation under god because at this we are not seeing the bigger picture look who will be running pur nation in the future and the progress that our people had to fight for in the past will be all for nothing us as adults us as people us as elders to this younger generations should be able to show this nation to show the world to show our children that we can over come anything our people are so stuck back in the slaved days this is a new day and time in life and and we are going to let this ignorance make us as people go extinct whether or not we are in africa asian no matter where are all because we cant find a common ground we are all strong and powerful people but that means nothing if we cant come together as a nation so no i dont agree with whats going with what all cops are doing they dont show that im not against my but i am stating that even from the Egyptian days we were the start of our own failure in the bible it states what was first will be last but we cant change our future of enslavement of anyone we cant change the end but we cant come together as one thats my point.. we can as people can be better then what we are why cant people see the bigger picture i am not choosing sides i stand for everyone

          • MannPower

            I hope it do put us back to where we started as Gods of the earth living in peace and tranquility, respecting all life, one with the earth. in the beginning there was no white devil. I hope we go back to where we started. White out the European.. He’s better warring with himself in the dark caves of the northland. Read your history of before this parasite inffected our world.

      • Steve Black

        Yes you idiot, it is racist of you. Black lives matter is a movement started because people of color continue to be targeted by law enforcement and killed without any repercussions. We are all apart of the movement and we are not a hate group. We are tired of white people being up in arms when an animal is killed but have nothing to say when a black or other that white human being is killed.

        • Adam Adrian Crown

          Just one point, Steve. Please don’t over-simplify. People of all colors are outraged — and rightly so —by cruelty to animals. I think that’s because people see animals as “innocent,” but humans, not so much. Nevertheless, people of all colors — including White — are also outraged by the extreme violence perpetrated by the police, disproportionately directed at non-whites. I think YOUR over-simplifying does as just much divisive harm as when some brain-dead goober calls Blacks “thugs” (we all know what that’s a euphemism for, don’t we?) or trivializes the situation that BLM is responding to by puking up “ALL lives matter,” as if HIS life was in jeopardy, too.
          The enemy may indeed be racist.
          But we’re not going to be able to kick his ass if WE are.

          • Kishane McGaw-Carter

            Thank you brother. Couldn’t say it better myself.

          • Chase Owens

            Your Not black so your Not going to Feel the Hurt like we do stop trying to justify your stupid ass comments or think you know when you DONT I’m sure other people are bothered but until u can spend a lifetime black Ye’ll NEVER Understand!!!!!

        • “B”

          Speak on it….since BLM speaks out against Police abuses White America wants to lable them as a hate group…

          • Shakita Green

            I don’t like that movement and I’m black. It really never appealed to me that they have the black people in mind. Yes, racism exists as well as police abuses, but have you ever seen a member protest injustices caused by our own? Have you seen a member demand that there be an investigation into a drive-by or a drug addicted mother killing her kid(s)? If not, I would suggest we add them along with police brutality because the BLM is making the entire race look bad.

          • Chase Owens

            Stfu !

          • MannPower

            sista.. Im not a part of the movement either.. However my whole family is so called black and the lives of my people matter to me.. don’t you see its not the movement that upsets white folk that you trying to please. Its the fact that when you say black lives matter, whether your in the movement or not.. How can i go against that what… “black lives don’t matter?..” and All lives cant matter until you include the black life too. thats all. the name of the Group should be “Respect Melinated LIfe” or else. 2 questions: 1. Are you Black? 2. is your life worthless? if you answered yes then no then black lives do matter especially yours.

        • Tony Ledonne

          I’m not trying to seem like an idiot to you I care about all lives. That’s all I meant. I just wish everyone would stop making it about color. No one can control what color there skin is we all are the same on the inside. I wish everyone could understand that we are all just humans. I don’t mean any disrespect please understand that but I don’t like the KKK or Black Lives Matter I feel they both contribute to hate. All lives matter. What’s going on in this country right now it’s not being handled right at all we all need to come together work talk walk the walk together. What happened in the passed is horrible and wrong but the way people believed back then is not how I believe today and I’m ashamed of what happened and I’m sorry for what happened. But me personally I had nothing to do with it. To keep it going with people that had nothing to do it? Maybe I am stupid Idk but what I do know is how we all have been handling it is not working it’s making it worse. Do you want a war I don’t! I have family that are mixed and there skin is black so what I live them and would die for them and you can believe me or not if I was standing by your side and fighting along side of you I would die for you! I just wish it could be handled differently because it’s not working the way it’s being handled now!

          • Chase Owens

            The KKK is a Hate Group the BLM Movement is Not How Could you hate a Group of Non Violent People just wanting equal justice is KKK members in the police force that are responsible for a lot of these murders there’s NOT any BLM People Killing or hurting anybody when for 400 years & Meany more Decades you people have tried to kill us all when we built this great nation and KKK Members tofu are still at it you sound like a stupid old uneducated honky redneck racist just shut up and leave ur useless nothing ass commentary to yourself grandpa !!! ?

          • MannPower

            bro don’t explain nothing to these devils they know what they did. When we start busting they heads wide open. They will know exactly why.. speak to your people, your message matters to me. Stop looking to the weakest beings on the planet (recessive parasite devils aka Eurosites) for an approval. We don’t have to explain anything to any Eurosite. We as the Gods and Goddesses of the this orb called Gaia know that we don’t need a Devil for anything accept payback.

        • MannPower

          bro.. Never explain anything to a Recessive parasite aka a Caucazoid. They are beneath you and are irrellevant. FOH devils. We will always be considered racist when we bust the racist devils ass. This is his deception cry.. Black people you are the Supremes of the Earth. State your opionion its the only opinion that matters. A Devil needs your attention to matter.. Move with force. Our lives don’t have to matter to anyone accept us.. Dont try and be reasonable with a devil just pay him back for all they have done to us.. Be unremorseful.. We don’t want the whitemans approval on anything we want what he wants.. WE WANT HIS BLOOD TO FLOW THRU THE STREETS.

      • Adam Adrian Crown

        Yes, that’s both racist and stupid. If you don’t think there’s a racial component to police violence, you’re a fool.

      • James Luderus

        Nope, I agree…fastest way to get rid of ALL the racists.

      • Yvette MakingitHappen Holloway

        Tony my dear – its sheer ignorance on your part – u dumb fuck!

      • Macthegent

        Man, for you to say something like that, then, you are what problems in this country are all about. BLACK LIVES MATTERS are fight for equality, and the KKK is a racist hate filled group who want to kill every person of color they see. That is the difference man. For you to suggest one group killing off another group, then, that means you have a problem living with other people yourself. You are so wrong man, so very wrong…………….Killing is for war, and war is no good for nothing…..

        • Chase Owens

          Preach !!!

        • Mistergilgamesh

          That entire comment of yours is a lie. Good Lord, your comment supposes the underlying suggestion that the KKK is a threat. When was the last time a KKK member did……..anything? Is there a KKK version of the “knockout game”? Have any of them been killing anyone with rifles, running them down with cars, kidnapping and raping women, marching around with guns in uniform like the black panthers…..oh you can’t think of anything? But BLM has. So stop it with the whining. No one is out to get you. All of this professional victimhood is staged, and the “hands up, don’t shoot” trend is based on an event that was proven to be a lie. The only good that has come from the Ferguson riots, for example, is that black thugs were burning down their own neighbourhoods and look really silly destroying their own city in a black, Democrat-run school district, run by a black mayor with a black attorney general in a country run by a black President with a black attorney general. Really…….great……thinking……

      • “B”

        KKK have literally murdered and raped thousand…is in the public record, and Black lives matter…. none of the above

      • mariah asphalt

        Yes, it is racist of you and extremely ignorant. White people always get mad when Black people stand up for themselves. BLM started because thug, rogue, cops were murdering unarmed, innocent, Black men women and children at will, and not being held accountable for their actions. So, if you think it is okay for the wanton murder of law abiding Black citizens in American, then I say you are hopeless.

      • Kishane McGaw-Carter

        It’s not racist of you. But J Boogie’s point is that brown people are targeted in America in a way that looks like some sort of low profile agenda against them for genocide. J Boogie didn’t make this about racism. His comment is a complaint against the people who have made this shit about racism.

      • Chase Owens

        One is a Hate groups the other is a Cry For Justice. You Do the Math You Racist Honkey ! ?????

        • MannPower

          Bro fuck these devils.. Raise your peoples vibration.. You are a God to them.. You are the supreme human. Your melanin is the power they can never have. #Melanited peace to the God

      • Vincia Peters

        Black lives matter does not want to annihilate another ethnic group the KKK does. Only you know what’s in your heart. Are you a racist????

      • HerMajesty

        you first in the room

      • David Little

        One issue with what you’ve said, Black Lives Matter would be justifiably be defending themselves from Americas terrorist. Death to them all.

      • Patrick Muhammad

        Black Lives Matter hasn’t murdered anyone but the KKK has! BLM is the response to a problem that most in this country are oblivious too or just don’t care about. How do you put BLM and the KKK in the same category? Is that how you feel about anyone who speaks out against injustice or just the one’s who speak out on the injustice against black people? If your answer to the latter part of that question is yes, then yes you are a racist!

      • maxms.kitty#1taylor

        Yes because blm isnt a rascist group

      • Jessyelena Williams


    • Lyle Dunn Jr.


      • cwharton

        Stfu..who uses that word in 2016

        • Erik Eriksen

          WHO uses that word in 2016?

          rappers…nygs on the corner… criminal maggots talking together…

          got any more idiotic questions you cupid stunt…

          • Perfect Gentleman

            I use it daily as well. Usually when I’m driving.

          • MannPower

            exactly that was her point only the ignorant people do and that Devil is ignorant. Hey white people “Nigger” has no power cause you have no power anymore.

      • MannPower

        LOL you think that word still got power…. let me show you power.. you parasite.. you have every recessive gene in the human body.. The sun will kill you if you stand in it with me.. The European is going exstinct. and you were grafted from the black mans sperm.. We will take your daughters as one of our wives and end your bloodline for ever.. you will have lil nigga Who will no longer bare your name or your blood line.. fucking weakling. My blackness anialates your whiteness on any plane: biological, physical, mental you have no melanin LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL. you pale sickly human “like” being. your are not a man you are mankind biologically. “kinda like a man” you start losing your hairline at 16 years old we don’t even start going bald till 50 or so.. by 28 devils go bald you all look 20 years older than you are when your healthy . We always look 20 years younger, if we are healthy we look 30 years younger. You have no melanin

    • Jessyelena Williams