George Zimmerman puts gun that killed Trayvon Martin up for auction

George Zimmerman puts gun that killed Trayvon Martin up for auction


SALE: One .9-mm pistol — and whatever’s left of George Zimmerman’s bankrupt soul.

The Florida neighborhood watchman who fatally shot unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in 2012 is putting the killer handgun up for auction — and hoping to fetch at least $5,000.

“I am honored and humbled to announce the sale of an American Firearm Icon,” Zimmerman wrote in his online description of the weapon. The perverted auction opens for bids at 11 a.m. Thursday.

“The firearm for sale is the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012 … Many have expressed interest in owning and displaying the firearm including The Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. This is a piece of American History,” Zimmerman wrote.

The 32-year-old Zimmerman — who left the world gasping when he was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the case in 2013 — said he recently got the .9mm-handgun back from the Department of Justice, which kept it after his trial.

The Kel-Tec PF-9 is displayed on online auction site, with a picture of a court officer holding up the gun at his murder trial.

Zimmerman tagged the item with the Latin phrase, “Si Vis Pace Para Bellum,” which means “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

He also said a portion of the proceeds will go to fight Black Lives Matter “violence against law enforcement officers” and to end “Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric.”



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  • Dustin Plummer

    Ya and some can’t afford day care. Dont get me wrong i understand what you all are saying. She didnt know him well enough obviously. But in my opinion i hope he gets convicted. He will get the death penalty and any one who kills a child should get the death penalty

  • Elizabeth Wroe Garrison

    This skin color issue has got to end!!!! Besides, most Black babies are born with light skin.

  • Chris M

    She’s poping kids out like a pez dispenser

  • Yvette

    Wow are you sick fucking people making fun of a baby being burned? Karma is a bitch. The only thing worse than this so-called mother are the people taking pleasure in the suffering of an innocent infant.

  • Kash King

    -Damn I didn’t know majority of you knew her life story!It is very crazy how women can bring down the next woman,because of her mistake!God rest that babie’s soul!But how is the mother wrong if she was working?Did the article say she was warned by signs her “BoyFriend”was abusing the child?Please point me in that direction where it says “THE MOTHER”was neglecting her child?Im just curious,because she was trying to provide for her child instead of like most women im sure we know that doesn’t mind waiting on a “County Check”this one was working.And her Child’s father wanted to be in the child life?Wow I must of missed that too!She was keeping the baby from him?Wow where is the clues?Yall super reaching,instead of having some understanding for the lady its just easier to bash her huh?Oh ok carry on!

    • Kim

      People always wanna judge things when they really dont know whats going on. SMH Maybe they speak from emotions because the little girl got killed. I dont know but GID bless her and her family

  • Bee Kay

    organs doesn’t require an apostrophe.

  • EDRFTGyhujik

    Here is another case of a stupid boyfriend being left with the moms baby while the mom works and the boyfriend sits at home. He looks familiar like he also killed a dog awhile ago. I know the cases of people killing animals can also lead to that same man killing a child or the woman. Why do women hang around with losers like him. Being alone is not the worst thing in the world.

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    If found guilty? The dumbass son o fa bitch admitted he hit her with a belt and hanger. No court, no trial, directly to the gas chamber…oh hell….a bullet is cheaper. Stand him up against the wall with headphones on and have him listening to that poor baby crying as he was hitting her, then BOOM…out goes the lights, permantly.

  • Pansy CaramelGoddess Rogers

    I’m so tired of weak women i see it so much through my work it don’t make sense why is he babysitting and not working

  • Martha

    this is a serious shii…damn! what in the world would he beat a lil girl to death for. she pee on the bed? so what 🙁

  • BerthaImsolvingmyself Williams

    These young women better straighten up y’all talk nasty about the daddy and what he don’t do now guess what that boyfriend isn’t what y’all think he is.

  • Fly Girl

    Get a damn babysitter your boyfriend, who is not the father, should not be watching her. The mom should be arrested too for neglect.

  • Shanti

    This is sad… I have a son who is about to be 2 in December… Stuff like this is why im overprotective of him. Boyfriends nobody u better watch who around your kid.. The little girl is beautiful rip. No person besides parents or grandparents should be allowed to spank your kids.. Smh

  • Cindy Lee Ingram

    There are so many people who can’t have children and would have adored this precious baby, How can someone do this??? I wish that she would be charged to as an accessory to murder, then people will think more carefully about who they leave their most precious babies with. I hope that he get’s death!!!

  • Sheena Smith

    Ya, clearly only white people do shit like this. You just choose to only pay attention when white people….error I’m sorry, “crackers” do stuff like this. I notice when both races do shit like this. “Crackers” and Niggers.

  • Petula Cobblepot

    Mmmm whats that delicious smell?

    Oh, I was just making dinner.

    What are you having, it smells amazing?

    Shake and Bake Baby,

    • Melissa Marie Riley

      You are as twisted as these fucks if you think this is funny

  • Min. Dan

    This is awful! Please Judge, sentence this animal to be put in a cell with some one that loves kids. He will get what he deserves. Do you get the ideal??????

  • Kevin Kelly

    Poorly written. “organ’s”? Should read, “organs”.

  • Lia Lemus

    ummmmmmm, yeah
    that means PROSTITUTE of a `mother`
    waited and waited and waited and waited and then waited some more

  • Donald Dump

    such a beautiful child. life cut short. so fucking sad

  • Danielle Duverglas McCants

    I blame the mother, bringing this animal into her home his ass should be at a job working. These women will do anything for dick

    • Lynne C

      She should be arrested as an accessory for that plus for HER not even taking her daughter to the hospital.

  • Patricia Miller

    Another one bites the dust,I blame the mother for not putting her daughter first.What were she thinking leaving a kid alone.You can’t trust nobody that alone a dummy

    • Lynne C

      Maybe she was HOPING for this outcome. Legalized murder and she walks free. Makes sense to me.

  • Lita Islandgirl Hawkins

    Let the inmates take care of him!

  • Anonymous

    As much as I want to say give him the death penalty fuck that, I hope he has to live out the next 80 years in prison because most of them guys in there either have kids or grandkids and the things that will be done to him on a daily basis will be unimaginable and the pain he will endure will be unforgettable I hope he spend a long miserable life in prison….. and on another note why would mom even say for him to take her to the hospital if that was me I would have called 911

    • Lynne C

      If she planned this as a way to get rid of her ‘burden’ then it would make perfect sense.

  • Gowdie Ranks

    This is so harde to believe, how can a man beat a two year Baby for wetting the bed, that’s what baby’s do they can’t help it, let me have the animal, I will fix him, piece a shit.

  • Tiffany Simone

    These niggas are NOT I repeat NOT your kids step father’s…. I know some of you bitches are so thirsty to have a man you’ll fuck with any piece a shit ready to bend you over but for God fucking sakes keep your fucking dog chained up on a leash away from your children sorry ass bitches. NOT ONE MAN I have ever been with NOT even their father put their hands on my fucking children. Protect your fucking children with as much vigor as you would protect the piece of warm dog shit you’re trying to pass off as a man from the next bitch pathetic enough to fuck with him. Shit makes me sick.

    • Lynne C

      I think your children need a new hobby before you are arrested for child prostitution.

      • Tiffany Simone

        Your uncle daddy probably prostituted your measily brained ass.

        • Lynne C

          My college educated brain is FAR superior to your grade school dropout one. I have a much more extensive vocabulary that just F. Hopefully you can still be taught at some point.

          • Tiffany Simone

            You were already an ass before you started to make Assumptions. I’ve never dropped out of ANYTHING in my life until tonight I’m dropping out of this ridiculous conversation with your imbred retarded ass. Troll.

          • Eve Brown

            Not everyone has to use gutter talk to express themselves. Only TRASH knows no better.
            I feel extremely sorry for your children that you have such a low opinion of them. On the bright side, they will probably be taken from you before long!

          • Tiffany Simone

            This Trash is at work….. Working where your insignificant ass should be rather than trolling my comment…. I’m trash because I wrote a paragraph on Facebook using profanity at 5am because this story throughly pissed me off. Lol those ASSumptions you’re making have you looking like trash. My children are 15 and 11 if they were in any danger of being taken anywhere by anyone it would have probably been long before they were both honors students in private school. If this is the life trash lives you’d be happy with yours. #GodBless

          • Eve Brown

            Child, I am retired after 50 years of working, so if I want to troll I have EARNED that privilege.
            My issue is with your comment about “my fucking children. and your fucking children”. That is either terribly disparaging to speak of your kids that way or if that IS what they are doing at 11 years old, you are a failure as a mother and probably soon to be grandmother.
            I speak of my wonderful children, my great children, my intelligent, beautiful, kind, loving, and so on and so on children. I do NOT ever speak of my kids or grandchildren as what YOU do.
            Sorry that you have such a low opinion of your kids. I hope they never know what you really think of them.

          • Kim

            Shut up old lady ??

          • Kim

            What are you talking about?! Did you even read her post?

          • Eve Brown

            Yes, I did and that is why I commented on all of her hateful, gutter talk about her own children.
            Did YOU even read my comment 3 posts up? You might want to follow through on the whole thread before you make a stupid post again!

          • Kim

            I did read your other post, thats why I commented. I thought it was stupid as well. Obviously you should understand that all the cussing was becuse she was emotional about any body harming her kids and she was trying to make a point by expressing it in that way. If you was smart, I wouldnt have to explain that to you. Thats why I asked you, did you read her post. Now, dont you go getting emotional on me too, we wouldnt want to be a hypocrite, now would we ??? Use your brain. Go back and read her post again, without the cuss words, so you dont get confused again.

          • Kim

            Dont mistaken education for intelligence

          • Eve Brown

            I don’t. Many intelligent people are not well educated and many well educated people have no intelligence nor any common sense.
            SHE has none of the 3 apparently. Do you?

          • Kim

            You think you sound smart but you sound like you want to try to bring me down a notch, because you dont like what I posted. Sorry, not working ? Besides, I didn’t write that post for you. But if the shoe fits, wear it. Anyway, rest in peace to that precious baby girl. GOD bless her family and those who love her

      • Lia Lemus

        you are another slave to the dick …. worthless door`mat

        • Lynne C

          What nonsense are you talking? WHY would you even think something like that and WHY am I a worthless door mat?

          TIFFANY is the one who is “so thirsty to have a man you’ll fuck with any piece a shit ready to bend you over” and already has her kids chasing after any man who will lay them, by talking about “my fucking children”!

          Did you ever learn how to read? Talk about a worthless doormat!

  • Julia Titus

    O my gosh!! How does something like this happen

  • Fighting for KY pain care

    SPAY HER !!!

  • Dion Gibbs

    10 kids at 33 shit, the baby and its 9 siblings where taken in to care, sick psychotic individual

  • angelia

    Excuse the he!! Out of me but not just white people do crazy shit! Are you racist or wht?

  • Cathy Wills Wydner

    33 years old and 10 children, use welfare money to buy drugs?

    • Dee

      And how do you figure that she on welfare because she’s black stupid people

      • Sheena Smith

        Or maybe because she’s 33 with 10 children. Quit trying to pull the fucking race card. You guys apparently hate racism, but you try your hardest to make everyone seem racist. Get the fck over it already. You’re sticking up for this lunatic because she’s fucking black.

  • Jenet Barnes

    She had too many children. 33 years old and 9 kids. WOW!!

  • Elder Harry L. Jackson

    First of all, this punk was supposed to be somewhere working himself, not sitting on his behind while his “girlfriend,” whom he did not have enough cojones to MARRY, was at work. What kind of a guy kills a helpless child? People do ignorant crap like this, and then wonder why all of us have to be called “animals.” Bury this chump.

    By the way, this is not an example of ALL young Black males. My stepson is 20. He’s a MARINE.

  • Rayna Skye

    9 kids. Siiiiiigh. It’s a vagina, not a clown car.

    • MNealBarrett

      10 kids.

    • Crystal A Seidel

      LMAO !! Great post !!!

  • tjones

    is this bitch sick or what?

    • Joshua Teks Fritz

      article says synthetic drugs….

    • AveryJarhman

      Black Women, Suicide, Depression, Self Harm & Mental Health; PSA from Abiola Abrams – YouTube

  • Sonja Mack

    This poor baby…she didn’t deserve this. Young mothers KEEP your OWN kids and stop letting these non fathers keep your babies…She deserved to live just like anyone else. smh this is making me SICK

  • Lisa Moore


    • Floyd

      If he is sentenced to death it needs to be done ASAP with no appeals that little girl didnt deserve this and she didnt get any appeals to spare her life.

  • disqus_cG3tXf1WJR

    POS……deserves a bullet between the eyes. One Bullet = BOOM
    He doesn’t deserve the free oxygen he breathes, and the so called mother deserves to be punished as well. It should be against the law for these mothers to leave their children with the “boyfriend”
    Throw both of their sorry a&&’s in jail and let the population take care of them.
    These type of cases should carry the death penalty with no judge or jury.

    • Lynne C

      I would prefer he be paralyzed before going to jail for life, so he can spend the rest of his years peeing on himself every day. Let his cell mates discipline him then as they see fit.

  • don

    20 years old??!!! Look I know there’s plenty of responsible young bruhs out there but at that age he doesn’t know shit. There’s a difference in chastising and abuse.

  • Jay Virtue

    Great! This is what I wrote and talk about…..often. These females have their kids around all types of sick minded, non caring animals. Just for a dick, no back ground check and shit. And while she was at work. This filthy, animal was sitting home acting like he owned it all, while she’s the one making a living. What a sick society we live in, when people can do this to a small child. Can you imagine the way this poor little girl felt around this filth? What a swine! Kill the nigga!

    • Lynne C

      Mother didn’t care. SHE didn’t even take her daughter to the hospital!
      He needs the death penalty and “Mom” needs to be sterilized.

      • Tabitha

        She was at work, this lady is truly hurting.

        • Eve Brown

          She had her boyfriend take the child. IF you have children and one of them was hurt, would YOU ask someone else to take them to the doctor? You think that little girl might have wanted her mom to be with her rather than mom handing her over to her murderer AGAIN?
          Are you saying this woman put her man-needs first, her job second, and this baby a poor third? Hate to say it, but that baby is probably better off dead than growing up with her.
          I have kids and if they needed medical attention you better believe I was right there with them. I left work many times to take care of my kids. I even turned down a job that offered me TWICE the pay because I refused to be 45 minutes away from my kids just in case they needed me.

        • Martha

          fuck that…she needs evaluation. why would she even condone the fact that he told her he spanked her….the fuck would he do that for…he doesn’t have the right whatsoever!…fuck!, he should rot in jail

          • Tabitha

            You don’t know the type of the relationship the two had I’m just saying don’t talk about the lady because you’re not hurting as she is the had to bury her baby and lost her bf in the process. She probably receives hate mail and death threats and no one deserves that.

          • Jinae Realtalk Di Nisci

            She deserves to hurt for the rest of her life & I hope she’s haunted by that poor baby’s face everytime she closes her eyes. The fact that the man she took up with didn’t work should have been the 1st red flag to her but no, she (like many other women) wanted the man so much they were prepared to do anything including handing over her most prized possession to that animal. I have no sympathy whatsoever for her

    • Mike Quintana

      They both need to be shot to death in the public eye….wtf is wrong with these people today.. mother don’t care F n idiot don’t care I would cut his dick off chop his hands off and let him fend for himself the mother have her shit taken out so she can’t bear kids anymore this would alleviate her thought process she doesn’t have to think of kids anymore as it appears it was of no concern for her this way she can be abused an not worry about a damn thing.

      • Tabitha

        The mother was at work, she cared she is hurting right now

        • Eve Brown

          She didn’t care enough to take care of her daughter, now did she? Maybe if she had been more concerned about her rather than just getting another man, her daughter would still be alive.
          Are you related to her, since you are defending her so much? Sorry, but most would not unless they were the person themselves or related.

          • Tabitha

            I’m not related?

        • Jinae Realtalk Di Nisci

          Sorry but if she cared that much she would have left her child with a member of family, in daycare or with someone else other than a man she met fairly recently. The way the article was written about her wetting the bed suggests it wasn’t something she was doing before. Bed wetting can be because of nervousness. Kids are very sensitive, who knows what the man may have been up to with the child while the mum was at work? I hope they fry his ass after prolonged abuse form other inmates. The mother deserves jail too

        • EDRFTGyhujik

          What are you, her sister? you sure are taking up for a woman who clearly neglected her child to the point of her dying a horrible death. Who cares if the woman is hurting now. She should have left work. She got her baby killed and God will have vengeance on her. you know what it says in the Bible? Jesus said if any one offends these little ones that believe in me, it would be better that a millstone be hanged around their neck and they be drowned in the sea. She and he have shed innocent blood. he by killing the little baby and she by letting him in to live with her being the loser that he is. She should get her tubes tied and go live in a convent and maybe God will forgive her.

    • Jinae Realtalk Di Nisci

      She may have even been wetting the bed cos she could sense there was something off about him & it made her nervous. Poor baby, I hope they fry his ass

      • Bridie Harris

        i would think that most 2 year olds would still be in night nappies our pullups, for gods sake they don’t even understand most things, these woman are just as responsible for the killing as the bastard who did it, you don’t leave your child with a boyfriend, that poor baby probably got beaten more than the 1 time that killed her, parents need to wake the hell up and check check and triple check these new boyfriends, and before you say it, men have to do the same with new girlfriends, and never trust 100% till you really know them.

        • Jinae Realtalk Di Nisci

          It depends on the 2 year old Bridie. All of mine were dry during the day by 14 months the latest & dry at night by age 2. Most of my friends’ kids were also dry at night by 2 years old but I think that could be a cultural thing. As for that child’s mother, I hope she’s haunted every night of her life. When I split from my daughter’s dad I stayed celibate until she was about 9. I never brought the man into my home, I went to his place when she was spending weekends with friends/family cos I wasn’t feeling a long prison sentence or life if he had touched her. I’m never going to prison for anything less than murder! You’re absolutely right when you say that women should triple check these new boyfriends they shack up with. You’d think with the amount of horror stories there are they’d wake up & do what best for their child. I understand she had to work but who was looking after the child before he was??

          • Bridie Harris

            sadly, we are having the very same problem in new zealand, stupid woman just handing their babies over to whoever will look after them,so they can go party and god knows what else, we have even had cases of them leaving their children home alone while they go out drinking and partying, 1 case there were a few kids and the babysitter was 6 years old

          • Jinae Realtalk Di Nisci

            OMG Bridie, are you serious? How on earth do they leave kids alone to go out & party? That case of the 6 year old being left to care for a few babies is plain outrageous. The mothers should go to prison for neglect & those children removed from their care. I saw a case in the USA where a lady left her daughter with a close friend while she went to work. The woman went upstairs for a nap, 45 minutes later her son told her the girl wasn’t breathing. He had literally beat & stomped her death. Horrific, you just don’t know who you can trust in this day & age. I stayed home with my kids until school time

    • Fly Girl

      All these simple minded women care about is a man to warm their bed. I have seen children be verbally abused by their mom’s boyfriend and the mom doesn’t say anything because her broke, jobless, penis might leave. I cannot stand women like her who only think about themselves and not their kid. Why wasn’t he working and why would she feel comfortable letting him watch her child? Jay Virtue i agree 100% with your statement.

      • BerthaImsolvingmyself Williams

        This always happens when they go against the daddy

      • Jinae Realtalk Di Nisci

        I’m with you on that Fly Girl, too many worthless women put having a man before the safety of their children. My eldest was cared for by her grandmother while I did my nursing course, my youngest I stayed home with. No man could ever be more important than my child’s safety especially as they’re girls

    • Martha

      i tell you…this is too damn annoying. df is this world becoming huh?

    • EDRFTGyhujik

      I agree 100%.

    • Yvette Williams

      It is truly disgusting how these poor babies continue to be murdered by these ‘boyfriends”, why do these females feel that it’s better to have any man than no man at all? Why be so desperate?

  • Stalini Schaaf Naufahu

    Death Penalty? I don’t think it should be considered as the ultimate punishment. He dies, its done. No time at all given to atone for his actions. Give that “animal” a lifetime of imprisonment. Eternal confinement is a crapload of torture in itself.

    • Abbest

      Torture for life

    • Floyd

      If he can do this to a 2 yo child, he has no compassion – So he wont atone for nothing.

    • Lynne C

      Then you would agree with me to let him be paralyzed before going to jail for life, so he can spend the rest of
      his years peeing on himself every day.
      Let his cell mates discipline
      him then as they see fit.

    • LT

      The problem is people become conditioned

    • LT

      After being in prison for some time..the person adapts to their environment, leaving prison as a “punishment” nothing but a norm. After a while, he’ll find pleasure in his everyday awakening, memories of ever being freed would become dreamlike experiences. He probably won’t be whole but I think he will definitely not be tortured as many of years go by. Just my opinion

    • EDRFTGyhujik

      Yes, but with no phone, no computer, no work out in the gym, no fancy digs. Life imprisonment with no benefits.

  • mikewhit

    Jamarius is a DEAD man walking because if that was my two year old sweetheart I wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to keep from going Mexican cartel on his a$$. I mean two years old and you beat her with a hanger and belt and you aren’t the child’s father. OMG, the devil is surely running rampant on the earth. I feel so sad learning about this. RIP babygirl :,.(

    • Lynne C

      Mother didn’t care. SHE didn’t even take her daughter to the hospital!

    • Martha

      damn…am gonna stick a knife into his fucking guts….menh! this kinda shit turns good people into murderers…i could kill the fucker even if the lil girl ain’t my kid. that’s too erroneous

  • Sheila D Taylor

    Can they post the little girl picture in his jail cell, for his duration of his jail time.

  • Word

    this is so sad.

  • Chocolate Drop

    why do women especially young women leave their children with men they don’t really know sad really sad

    • Lisa Moore


    • Jerry Adams

      Damn I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • BerthaImsolvingmyself Williams

      Because they think bad of the daddy and the new gf