Babysitter Stabs Children’s Father Because He Refused To Have Sex

Babysitter Stabs Children’s Father Because He Refused To Have Sex



Shakieria Anquanette Shan Long is facing charges of battery for stabbing the father she babysits for after he refused to have sex with her.

Police reported that the 22-year-old woman was in fact drinking with victim prior to the incident.

According to reports, Shakieria was “screaming that she wanted the victim to have sex with her,”

When Sylvester refused to have sexual intercourse with the woman she began chasing him with a knife and then jabbed him in his throat. Witnesses were able to help Sylvester flee the scene. Not long until Shakieria showed up again, this time, she began punching Sylvester in the face. All of this just because he refused to sleep with her? Are you serious…?

She was intoxicated and had mental health issues so he decided not to press charges against her. First off, she was taking care of his children! How can you allow someone to watch your kids if you know they have mental health issues? Secondly, the fact that he doesn’t want to press charges makes me question whether she has history as his side-chick and if so it makes sense why he’s wants to keep things under the radar.  



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