6 Year Old Girl Found Dead Hanging From a Noose

6 Year Old Girl Found Dead Hanging From a Noose


A 6 year old girl has been found dead with a noose, which was tied around her neck. Investigators are stumped in determining whether or not the act was suicide. According to the New York Daily News, Kendra Johnson was discovered hanging from her bedroom ceiling by her foster father, surrounded by water on the floor, and notes written in purple marker that read “I’m sad for what I do” and “I’m sorry.”

Brooklyn Park Police Deputy chief Mark Bruley told the news sites, “We just did our due diligence to tear this case apart and look at every angle. It’s hard to believe that it was even possible. We may never know if it was a suicide or an accident.”

Reports say that Johnson had a psychiatric history of suicidal and homicidal thoughts, and was treated for post traumatic stress disorder. She also allegedly drew pictures of children hanging from ropes, and police once found her with marks on her neck, looking as though she tried to hang herself before. Despite the gritty history, the medical examiner revealed that the incident that took place is “outside what a normal six-year-old could think about,” adding that the knot on the noose was “too advanced.”


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  • Erik Eriksen

    more gruberites that actually BELIEVE the sewage this site produces…

    especially cumb-dunts like cassandra macdonald… idiotic cucking funts like her drag down the mean IQ for a 30 mile radius around her/IT…

  • http://yahoo.com beverly mitchell

    Am sorry not stepfather , but foster father. ..

  • http://yahoo.com beverly mitchell

    She is 6, a hung herself from her bedroom ceiling? ?? How tall was this house for a 6 year old to do this horrible crime , REALLY PEOPLE .?????, and the knot wad to advance for her to have tied ??? But the stepfather found her ??? Boy, stop playing susey lump lump???????????? Try something else cause ,her killing herself I DONT BELIEVE. ..

  • Mama Grizzly

    Good googly moogly!!!

  • Perfect Gentleman

    The comments on these “articles” show how retarded most people are. I love it.

    • Cassandra MacDonald

      it must be a sad life you have why dont you jump

  • Amanda Flowers

    I do not see how a six year old could possibly do something like that. As a victim of molestation I too sometimes had suicidal thoughts but not at that age. That poor little girl couldn’t have managed that on her own she had to bemurdered.

  • Katrina Turner

    just my 2 cents of what might have happened, the little girl was molested by her step-dad, sexually, then to keep the little girl quiet he hung her, then tried to wash away the evidence, the six year old would be learning how to spell words, and dont write long sentences yet, the step-dad would be a very strong person of interest, the little girl was murdered, an autopsy will prove it